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I am a grad student through the UBC Masters in Educational technology and am interested in leveraging technology to support student in second-language environments, student agency, and technology-supported inclusive practices. I currently host a regular professional learning community in which each teacher is a learner and a mentor, sharing how technology can be used to improve teaching practices. I am interested in effective admin practices and am currently developing a research question based on this topic.

Purpose and Objectives

I am presenting my course work here in chronological order in preparation for graduation. My MET course work took place over five years. As a part of this portfolio I will:

  • showcase the various projects and learning I have undertaken
  • reflect on my journey
  • demonstrate familiarity with theory/ research related to technology-supported second-language environments
  • link research to pedagogy and demonstrate how I have incorporated learning into teaching practice
  • identify future professional and academic goals

Main Question

Within each section, I will address the skills acquired and how it influenced my teaching practice.


Triathlon and the power of “I can’t”

Conference Presentations


Course Work

YEAR 1 2014-2015 – Preparation

Train the Plan

Preparing for an endurance event means a great deal of planning. Athletes map out training plans, lay them into calendars, develop nutrition plans, organize shopping lists and excitedly peer into all of what might be over the course of the plan. Visions of personal bests and triumphs dance through the brain as the plan appears attainable and the athlete promises to complete each workout as written, never missing a day!

Context: This year my professional work was as a classroom teacher in my first year of teaching Grade 3 with the Calgary Board of Education. A new grade level to me with this board but an age group with which I felt comfortable.

ETEC512: Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction

  1. Essay

ETEC 510: Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments

  1. Short Film: Technology Supported Communicative Approach to Language Instruction
  2. Curriculum Guide: Augmented Reality to Support All Learners


YEAR 2 2015-2016 – Setting up transition and lining up at the start

Race the the training done not the training you wish you’d done

ETEC511: Foundations of Educational Technology

  1. Case Study: Politics and Sociology; what is a robot’s culture?
  2. Essay: Mobile Digital Technology in Second Language Environments

ETEC500 Research Methods: Research Question: Implementation of Technology


YEAR 3 2016-2017 – Racing and hitting the wall

Race the plan: process goals

It happens every endurance event, about 5k from the finish line: “the wall”. That place where physically tired and mentally tired converge for a seemingly insurmountable “I can’t”. Fortunately, athletes know its coming and train for it, practicing continuing even while tired, mentally preparing strategies for moving past it. The finish line is in sight, but there is still a solid portion of the race left to be run:

This year my masters work took place within the context of professional work that included taking on a Learning Leader position, a step towards an administrative position within my board. My work this year was in supporting teachers in implementing CBE’s proprietary Learner Management System (LMS), Iris, in their classrooms. It was primarily used to create Individual Program Plans (IPP) that helped classroom teachers target the learning needs of any student with a special learning code. In addition, many teachers began working with students to build digital learning portfolios that reflected their current learning and learning goals.

In my own classroom context, I participated in Open Minds with my students. Our inquiry question was “What is our story?” a question that was perfectly layered together with my masters course work related to text technologies and Aboriginal storywork.

ETEC540 Text Technologies

Final Project: Multiliteracies, Social Media, and the Second-Language Classroom

ETEC 521 Indigeneity, Technology, Education

Final Project: Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox


YEAR 4 2017-2018 – The Last 5k

Racing while tired: Race the plan

Race metaphor

Context: Learning Leader: Aboriginal Storywork: Aboriginal Learning Centre Residency


Open Minds

ETEC 565M: Mobile and Open Education

Authored posts

Course introduction

ETEC 532: Technology in Arts and Humanities Classroom


YEAR 5 2018 – 2019 – The finish line

Looking back, looking forward 

Every athlete knows the finish line is where the work for the next race begins. It involves celebration, yes, but it also involves looking back at how one performed in the race, reflecting on areas of success and setting goals related to areas of strength and areas for growth.

ETEC 580: Self Directed Research Projects: Developing Creativity in Education

ETEC 590: Graduating Project


Future Goals: Prepping the next training plan

  • Use self-directed professional development to explore an issue or program surrounding educational technology and the teaching of second-language literacy
  • Integrate my professional learning every year by trying a new unit that incorporates technology each term
  • Create a professional community of learners in my school that extends to others
  • Preparing an application for PhD studies



E-Portfolio Assessment Rubric



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