Professional Learning

I am a grad student through the UBC Masters in Educational technology and am interested in leveraging technology to support student in second-language environments, student agency, and technology-supported inclusive practices. I currently host a regular professional learning community in which each teacher is a learner and a mentor, sharing how technology can be used to improve teaching practices. I am interested in effective admin practices and am currently developing a research question based on this topic.

Conference Presentations


Course Work

ETEC512 Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction

  1. Essay

ETEC 510 Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments

  1. Short Film: Technology Supported Communicative Approach to Language Instruction
  2. Curriculum Guide: Augmented Reality to Support All Learners

ETEC511 Foundations of Educational Technology

  1. Case Study: Politics and Sociology; what is a robot’s culture?
  2. Essay: Mobile Devices in Second Language Environments

ETEC500 Research Methods

ETEC540 Text Technologies

Final Project: Multiliteracies, Social Media, and the Second-Language Classroom

ETEC 521 Indigeneity, Technology, Education

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