Professional Learning

The following portfolio highlights the work done as a part of my UBC Masters in Educational technology studies.

Purpose and Objectives

Course work is presented here in chronological order in preparation for graduation. As a part of this portfolio I will:

  • showcase the various projects and learning undertaken
  • reflect on learning
  • demonstrate familiarity with theory/ research related to technology-supported second-language environments
  • link research to pedagogy and demonstrate how I have incorporated professional learning into teaching practice
  • identify future professional and academic goals

Course Work

YEAR 1 2014-2015: Prepare the Plan

Preparing for an endurance event means a great deal of planning. Athletes map out training plans, lay them into calendars, develop nutrition plans, organize shopping lists and excitedly peer into all of what might be over the course of the plan. Visions of personal bests and triumphs dance through the brain as the plan appears attainable and the athlete promises to complete each workout as written, never missing a day!

Context: This year I worked as a classroom teacher in a primary-school French Immersion classroom with the Calgary Board of Education. A new grade level to me with this board but an age group with which I felt comfortable. I had the opportunity to work in a team-teaching situation with two teachers and two classrooms of students together in one shared classroom.

ETEC512: Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction

  1. Essay

ETEC 510: Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments

  1. Short Film: Technology Supported Communicative Approach to Language Instruction
  2. Curriculum Guide: Augmented Reality to Support All Learners


YEAR 2 2015-2016: Train the Plan

The work continues by following a training plan. The only path to success is sticking to the planned workouts and persisting in the work even when it becomes difficult. The key to a successful race is consistency in training.

Context: This year my professional work was as a classroom teacher in Grade 3. My teaching team participated in school-wide inquiry related to “Natural Connections to Empower Learning“.

ETEC511: Foundations of Educational Technology

  1. Case Study: Politics and Sociology; what is a robot’s culture?
  2. Essay: Mobile Digital Technology in Second Language Environments

ETEC500 Research Methods: Research Question: Implementation of Technology

  1. Essay: Supporting teachers in leveraging digital tools in the classroom

YEAR 3 2016-2017: Race the plan; process goals

It happens every endurance event, about 5k from the finish line: “the wall”. That place where physically tired and mentally tired converge for a seemingly insurmountable “I can’t”. Fortunately, athletes know its coming and train for it, practicing continuing even while tired, mentally preparing strategies for moving past it. The finish line is in sight, but there is still a solid portion of the race left to be run. Successful, then, is the athlete who trains not only the body but also the mind. 

Context: This my professional work included taking on a classroom-based Learning Leader position. My professional work was in supporting teachers in implementing CBE’s proprietary Learner Management System (LMS), Iris, in their classrooms. It was primarily used to create Individual Program Plans (IPP) that helped classroom teachers target the learning needs of any student with a special learning code. In addition, many teachers began working with students to build digital learning portfolios that reflected their reflections on learning and goals.

In my own classroom context, I participated in Open Minds with my students. Our inquiry question was “What is our story?” a question that was layered together with my masters course work related to text technologies and Aboriginal story work.

ETEC540 Text Technologies

  1. Final Project: Multiliteracies, Social Media, and the Second-Language Classroom

ETEC 521 Indigeneity, Technology, Education

  1. Final Project: Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox
  2. Sous le ciel des prairies


YEAR 4 2017-2018: The Finish Line

The finish line is in sight… All the training and effort pay off in this final surge. Finish the last 5k stronger than the first 5k, knowing that experience is now in your back pocket.

Context: This professional work included a continued classroom-based Learning Leader position. This year’s Learning Leader work involved attending Galileo Learning Network sessions and working with staff on improving professional practice related to Professional Learning Communities. In addition, a grant I had written was accepted and allowed for the unique opportunity to participate in both and Aboriginal Learning Centre Residency with my classroom (one of seven classrooms selected) and an Aboriginal Professional Learning Series. I was able to bring this work back to my school through our Walking Together Under the Prairie Sky project that brought together inquiry work through Open Minds and telling our school’s story. I developed a podcasting project in an effort to pull together a year’s worth of work and ensure the stories of the artifacts housed within our building continue to live on both inside our building and beyond our four walls. This work continued into 2018-2019 school year through a Land-Based Pedagogies professional learning experience.

ETEC 565M: Mobile and Open Education

  1. Authored posts
  2. Podcast: Creativity in Education
  3. Augmented Reality in Education
  4. iBook: Teacher On-boarding to the Use of Digital Portfolios

ETEC 533: Technology in Math and Science

  1. Coding in Support of Math Instruction: annotated bibliography
  2. Final Project: technology enhanced learning environment

ETEC 532: Technology in Arts and Humanities Classroom

  1. Storytelling to Support Cross Curricular Teaching in Technology Enhanced Environments
  2. Visual representation of course learning

CRWR 403: Creative Writing

A workshop class on writing for children and young adults in which participants developed their own piece of writing, participated in a writing workshop format, learned to lead writing workshops, and participated in professional reading.

Artifacts of learning

Walking Together Under the Prairie Skies

Looking back, looking forward 

Future Goals

Every athlete knows the finish line is where the work for the next race begins. It involves celebration, yes, but it also involves looking back at how one performed in the race, reflecting on areas of success and setting goals related to areas of strength and areas for growth.

  • Use self-directed professional development to explore issues surrounding educational technology and the teaching of second-language literacy
  • Develop my understanding of the ATA’s Leadership Quality Standard (LQS) and integrate it into my teacher professional growth plan (TPGP)
  • Integrate my professional learning into the classroom and support teaching colleagues in growing our practices
  • Create a professional community of learners in my school and among teaching peers within the city of Calgary
  • Prepare an application for PhD studies

Conference Presentations

  • 2020 Staying well and supporting Indigenous students (IELL presentation together with Ruby Kane) Here
  • 2019 FETC Augmented reality in additional language classrooms (poster session)
  • 2018Calgary City Teacher’s Convention: Visible Thinking Routines for Immersion StudentsFuture of Educational Technology Conference: Make the Walls Talk: Augmented Reality in the Second-Language Classroom
    • Area principals’ meeting: How did we bring “Sous le ciel des prairies” to life?
  • 2016Calgary City Teacher’s Convention 2016: Augmented Reality to Support All LearnersEdCampYYC2016: The Deskless Classroom
  • 2015EdCampYYC2015: Publishing Digital Books with Students


Professional Learning Series

  • 2018-2019
    • Learning on the Land professional series (Facilitated by Leslie Tait)
  • 2017-2018
    • Classroom collaboration with Niitsitapi (Facilitated by Leslie Tait; Supported by Stephanie Bartlett, Tracy Rand, Heather McKay, Steve Clark)
    • Evidence of learning: Sous le ciel des prairies
    • Galilieo professional learning series
  • 2017-2018
    • Professional learning series (Elders Reg Crowshoe and Rose Crowshoe; Facilitated by Rod Bower and Gloria Weasel-Bear)
    • Galileo professional learning series

Leadership in Education

  • 2018-2019
    • Mentor University of Calgary pre-service teacher
    • Learning leader (Sundance School)
      • Support admin facilitating a school-wide learning-on-the land Open Minds experience
      • Facilitate professional learning related to lifting Indigenous pedagogies
      • PowerSchool support teacher
  • 2017-2018
    • Mentor University of Calgary pre-service teacher
    • Learning leader (Sundance School)
      •  Lifting Indigenous perspectives within our context
  • 2016-2017
    • Mentor St. Mary’s University pre-service teacher
    • Learning leader (Sundance School)
      • Iris support teacher



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