Dear students:

While there are still a few days left together, I’m publishing now since I finally have a minute to sit down:

Wow! What a busy, creative, noisy, reflective, amazing year we’ve had together! Thank you for making this year a happy one. I feel like I got to learn so much this year; I learned about being a more effective teacher and I think you learned about who you are, where you are, how you matter. It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to a bunch of kids who become “my kids” for a year. You have been my kids for a year and you will always have a piece of my heart. I hope that you will come back to visit and tell me about the adventures you have outside of our classroom.
This summer, I hope you:




Find a quiet place to be sometimes.

Share books you love with people who matter to you.

Read something interesting that challenge you to be a better reader and a better person.

Use your French! You worked so hard to earn your new vocabulary and your ability to express yourself en bon français.

See the world from another perspective. Be an animal. Hang upside down. Look close and then look closer.

Stay up late. Like crazy late. Watch the stars come out and tell stories about them.

Visit new places.

Visit old places.

Run. Fast.

Run slow.

Show someone you love how to do a breakfast book chat and talk about stories and the way one idea just leads to another.

Read a book on a shady hill.

Show someone how to read a book with no words. This is a skill you have that not everyone has.

Stay inside and watch a movie on a rainy afternoon.

Go outside on a rainy afternoon.


Feel sand between your toes. No really. Stop and feel the sand.

Ask a question and find the answer.

Ask a question with no answer.

Learn a new joke. Tell it to me the next time you see me.

Go to a museum. Find the stories hidden there.

Lay on the grass and watch the clouds.

Set a goal.

Build something. Write about it.

Listen to the sounds around you.

Seek joy. Find awesome.

I can’t wait to see you in the fall and hear about your adventures!

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