My wish for my students over the summer

As the year draws to a close, I start to think about my hopes for my students over the summer and into next year. So, dear students, here are some of my thoughts:

We spent a whole year together getting to know each other better. We definitely pushed each other to be better in the classroom. I think we all learned to ask better questions and to seek answers. We learned something about creating multiple iterations of our work. We read, we wrote, we laughed, we made beautiful messes while we learned. Here are some of my hopes for you over the summer and know that I will be doing the same.

Read a book

Jump in a lake

Stay up past sunset

Roast a marshmallow

Write something (a story, a book of awesome, a diary)

Ride a bike


Use sunscreen

Wake up early and listen to the birds wake up

Eat your veggies

Spit watermelon seeds

Play your favourite sport

Visit with someone you love

Meet someone new

Notice the way a campfire smells and sounds

Dig in the dirt

Climb a tree

Ask a question and find the answer

Recommend a book to a friend

Listen to a story

Wake up early, wrap in a blanket and watch the sun come up

Eat outside

Build something

Draw something

Hatch a plan



Walk through grass without your shoes

Find and name the constellations

Enjoy an ice cream cone

Discover a new favourite ice cream

Sit in a quiet spot outside and notice with all of your senses

Visit a museum

Take a swimming lesson 

Use your French!


Split a Popsicle with a friend

Take a long walk down a shady path


Plant something 

Go back in time

Watch a movie on a rainy day

Spend time upside down

Walk in the sand


Memorize a good joke

What about me, dear students? What would you wish for me over the summer?

You know that you become “my kids” when I get to know you and some of you I have had the good fortune for more than one year. I hope you will look me up again someday and we can look back on this time together!

2 thoughts on “My wish for my students over the summer”

  1. we love the list of things to do over the summer and have done so many of them already. It’s easy to remember to eat ice cream, visit friends and stay up late in the summer. What’s great is there are lots of other wonderful things to do that we haven’t yet gotten to. IM&KM


  2. That’s a great list of things to do. Life is meant to be fun filled with new experiences and learning. It shows you appreciate your students as complete in themselves.


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