Remember to Breathe

There are days I literally forget to breathe; when I stand at the coffee maker and realize I am holding my breath and don’t know why. There are days I need to remind myself to breathe.

As classroom teachers, we work hard, often skipping much-needed bio breaks in favor of helping a student finish up that last bit of work he didn’t get to or rushing out the door to playground supervision.

We need to remind ourselves that we are not the ones who should be working the hardest in our classrooms; and if we are, our students are missing out on opportunities to reflect and consolidate understanding. Real learning takes time and reflection. That sometimes concepts are only mastered by walking away from actively thinking about them.

Teachers and students do better when we take time to take care of ourselves and remember to breathe.

As a teacher, a mom, an athlete, a masters student, I sometimes feel that every movement needs to be purposeful and that I must remember pick up those copies I made on the way back from recess supervision to save a trip (and who has time for an extra trip?). We (read: I) need to remember that time “off” serves just as important a purpose as time “on”. As an athlete, training is like wringing a sponge, but in order for the sponge to draw in as much liquid as it is able, it must come to a rest; a sponge that does not rest takes in less the next time around. The rest is as important as the work. Learning, I think, is the same.

Remember to play, to laugh, to rest. Remember to breathe.

One thought on “Remember to Breathe”

  1. Dear Tracy,
    It’s a real pleasure to read your blog and understand your approach to teaching. You are a mindful teacher who take the time to reflect and act upon what you think will make a difference in your students’ life. I am very grateful to have a teacher like you on our staff.


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