Breakfast Book Chat

This post is mostly for fun.

Breakfast book chat was a lesson I borrowed from a colleague many years ago when I took over her classroom when she went on mat leave. Basically, students read a novel independently with several check-ins over the span of the novel study, which usually takes about 8 weeks. At the end of reading, students are allowed 3 sessions of time in class to respond to the book. On the final session, students bring their books and their book reports and spend the morning talking about books. As a bit of a celebration, we share breakfast.

Today, students discussed The Year of Billy Miller over their cereal box book reports and enjoyed a bowl of cereal together.

It was so interesting to hear students discussing the book and enjoying one another’s responses to the book.

It was such a hit with the kids that I’m sure we’ll do it again. In the third grade, many students are not yet ready for an independent novel study, so I was glad to have done the first one with our book for the Global Read Aloud, which gave everyone a taste of what the expectation is.

For the next session, I think I will set students up with books at their own level and help them to work through independent reading and representation of their book but I’d like to spend some time discussing how we might represent our reading first and would like to open it up to a choice of 2-3 possibilities.

Students enjoyed our morning together and have requested waffles or pancakes for the next one, which actually makes me pretty happy… pancakes are cheap 🙂 and I’m pretty sure I can talk a few parents into helping us out in the kitchen!

Stay tuned for further installments!

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