Puzzle Permaculture

Our school is currently engaged in a hands-on, design thinking project: Puzzle Permaculture. This project goes well together with the BP energy project first undertaken by our Arts Ed teacher and adopted by every teacher in the building. For this project, the Grade 3s are exploring the idea of creating a community garden and integrating solar technology into our school. Both projects will take place over a couple of years, so we’re asking students to take a long view of our community.

Today, students participated in project, in which they got to design a garden that will fit within the space reserved for it here at King George School. The students first got to play with their ideas for the garden and then got to learn a little bit about the placement of plants in terms of sun exposure and plants that help each other grow.

It was interesting to see my students engaged in hands on learning and using a new model of gardening than what so many of us have grown up with: a rectangular patch of dirt with rows and rows of vegetables and maybe a row of flowers at the end or around the edges. I was excited to see them asking real questions about what plants might grow here, exploring possible problems and solutions.

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