Learning Within These Four Walls

The question that I asked myself the other day is how I can better use all of the amazing technology available to me without using it just because it’s something cool.

Regina recently had a severe winter storm that kept half of my class home on the Monday following, five students out on Tuesday and busses are not expected to run Wednesday or Thursday. What a perfect opportunity to prove that the learning that takes place in our room doesn’t have to take place within the four walls that contain us!

The Website files have mostly been recovered and we seem to be back in business that way. Step one of project innovation is already under way: blog more. Students are able to check in from home and see what they’re missing. I was thrilled to see a student who had been away for a week had already copied down the new spelling words. In addition, students who had attended classes within our four walls on Monday ended up with extra time on their hands on Tues while waiting for some of those who were out to catch up, so they podcasted two of today’s articles, which some students have taken the time to comment on on the site!

What can I say? I’m already thrilled! This is a classroom in which students are often absent due to various commitments and travel plans. There is no reason why those students can’t stay in touch, participate in classroom discussions, and be our eyes and ears on the ground around the world.

I look forward to further exploring some ideas and seeing just how far we can take this. Of course, there are always some hurdles to jump due to technology failures (our two classroom computers have a broken Internet connection), but I think the project will be well worth the effort.

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