The Book of Awesome

One of the things I love about parenting is watching my kids grow and learn. It was a revelation to me about six months ago that my son LOVED science. Since the time he was born, I had been reading him mostly narrative fiction and he liked it well enough. He loved cuddles and would sit still for an incredibly long time, listening. He paged through books on his own, sure. But, one day we went to the book store together and he picked out a book about lizards, and suddenly he poured over the pages all on his own! He suddenly wanted to know what the words on the page said. Suddenly, he kept coming back to the same book over and over again!

In the last few weeks, we have worked to find science-related books for him to read and I see lightbulb moments happening ALL. THE. TIME! He asks questions! He makes predictions! He’s excited to write and draw about what he sees!

That’s all… I’m just excited for my own child and wanted to share. That’s the kind of wonder I try to bring into my classroom. Sometimes you show a child a hundred things before they find something that flips a switch for them.

Dictée 10

Blackout Poetry

I don’t even remember how I was introduced to the work of Austin Kleon, but I have done blackout poetry with my students every year since. I was incredibly proud of my students today, pouring over books and newspapers, searching for the poems hidden within. My vice principal even dropped in for a minute for another reason and said, “Look how engaged your kids are!”







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Terry Fox Inquiry

Thank you to two students who chose to share their learning this way:

Les plantes bizarres

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